"Urinal Cover Ventilation Systems conserve energy and save money compared to ceiling-ventilation in restrooms." (see,” Optional Ventilation Systems”) We can achieve fresher air at a much lower cost, by venting a smaller volume of air from within urinal covers, than we presently achieve with Building Code compliant HVAC.  Urinal Covers make efficient urinal ventilation possible and particularly effective.  Without our covers, the modern open-faced urinal bowls do not have the functional usefulness to achieve similar results.


Urinal Cover Ventilation Systems will revolutionize restroom HVAC, saving thousands of dollars in energy costs, while the covers themselves will save thousands more dollars in lifetime costs for the maintenance of each urinal.  With urinals, the initial purchase price is a small fraction of its lifetime costs.  Water and sewer costs are driving the urinal industry to lower water consumption rates. Water consumption rates have dropped from 2+ gallons per flush to less than .25 gallons per flush in recent years.  Even so, urinal design has remained largely the same: ugly, splashing, open-face bowls.  Even water-free urinals have fallen prey to the typical poor, splashing designs of the past 100 years.  As water efficiency increases, the burden of lifetime costs shifts to the hundreds of ancillary products designed to mask odor, reduce splash, and absorb urine on the floors.  The "big pink mint" is an almost ubiquitous resident in urinal bowls.  A myriad types of "splash-reducing pads" are tossed into or stuck to the back of urinals.  Some products reduce odor and splash to a minimal degree if a precise point/trajectory of urine impact is achieved.  If an unfortunate angle is achieved, "splash-reducers" often AMPLIFY SPLASH and ODOR.  Deodorizers, splash-pads and floor mats are constant companions of today’s urinal.  The fancier the establishment, the more they spend on these items.  

The Wynn Resort is a prime example of the cost-savings and ecological compatibility of urinal covers. 

Three times per day, 365 days per year, the Wynn throws away two plastic "splash-reducing" pads from each of their urinals.  At over $1.50 per pad, they spend more than $9.00 per day ($270 per month) on pads for each urinal.  Just for offsetting the expense of their "splash-pads" alone, a standard urinal cover will pay for itself in less than one month.  If the Wynn chooses to cut their use of pads by a mere 30%, then the savings will pay for their urinal cover in less than  two months, based on pads alone.  Moreover, each urinal cover will last for decades. If they are chipped or marred, they can be re-painted or otherwise repaired, or recycled.   

Our urinal covers will save as much as 200 pounds of non-biodegradable pads from entering landfills... per urinal... per year.  Further, since the Wynn has more than 100 urinals in its public areas, and dozens more in "employee only" restrooms, our urinal covers will save tens of thousands of pounds of pads from landfills.  Both our fiberglass and plastic urinal covers may be recycled or reused, with the greatest of ease.


Did you know that the Wynn fights SPLASH by cleaning the floors under their urinals every 10-15 minutes, 24-hours per day? By reducing splash, our covers may save thousands of pounds of paper towel and untold gallons of cleanser from being consumed by a single property... every year.  As if that were not enough, if a facility chooses to install our exclusive Air Ventilation System to evacuate noxious odors at their point source - directly from the urinals - then they may save thousands of dollars from the energy savings compared with evacuating that same volume of air from vents in the ceiling and elsewhere.  Additionally, our Air Ventilation System will save thousands more dollars each year by making so many deodorizers and “splash-reducers” obsolete.