They are durable enough to withstand the roughest abuse... even hammer-blows... and may function for several decades. They are non-corrosive, resistant to all manner of chemicals, and proven safe for use in restrooms and elsewhere.  We produce covers from thermoformed plastics.  Fiberglass covers are superior for custom paint finishes, and thermoformed plastics are favored for lower manufacturing costs when producing higher volumes.  Both fiberglass and thermoformed plastic manufacturing are proven processes that are easily duplicated worldwide.


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Custom Painted

World Renown Artists Will Turn Your Urinal Cover into

ORIGINAL Artwork:  Pearlized, Metallic, Glossy, 24 Carat Leaf Gold

You Name It!   The Sky is The Limit!!

Custom Vinyl-Wrapped

Digital Imaging for Advertising and Brand Building 

Custom Fiberglass Gel-Coat

Color Match for Interior Design

Custom Shapes

We Can Cover Any Urinal With Any Shape...

Want Built-ins? Ash-Tray, Cup Holder... No Problem!


We will design a custom Urinal Cover just for YOU.

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