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Urinal covers fit over the front of urinals... like a glove.  They snap right on.  As simple as stacking one plastic cup within another, and as easy as placing a lid on a stovetop pot; placing a urinal cover on a urinal is intuitive by its very shape.  It simply fits.

An aluminum split-ring sleeve locks the cover securely in place to discourage theft and vandalism.  Urinal covers are just as easily removed for cleaning as they are snapped into place. Maintenance workers applaud our covers because they dramatically reduce splash on the floors and they are quick and easy to remove and clean.

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  1. They spray germs into the air as they are used and every time they are flushed.

  2. They splash dirty water on men's shoes and pants.

  3. They fill restrooms with acrid odor.

  4. Every single year, more money is spent to mask their odor, to clean the floors underneath, and to reduce their splash, than the urinal costs in the first place.

  5. They are a disgusting necessity, a health hazard, a nuisance, and an insult to men everywhere!  The time for innovation has come!

All urinals today are open dishes with either flat or parabolic interior surfaces. The standard urinal bowls are open-faced PARABOLAS. Parabolas are scientifically designed to focus and reflect whatever enters them.  It does not matter what angle a man aims for, PARABOLIC urinals will: reflect, vaporize, atomize and SPLASH BACK… into the room and the air, onto the floor… and onto US.

Did you know that the Ritz-Carlton in Phoenix, Arizona has the same urinal as the McDonalds in Tijuana, Mexico?  This is one of the few similarities between these two buildings, but it is not uncommon for the fanciest resorts, spas, restaurants, hospitals, offices and homes in the world to share the same urinals that you find in the seediest, most unsavory, odiferous restrooms in gas stations or dive-bars.  Why?  Choices are few, and they all splash, atomize and vaporize urine.  

Did you know that, the Wynn Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada (a 5-Star/5-Diamond resort) employs full-time, 24-hour attendants in their men’s restrooms, who wipe the floors under their urinals every 5-10 minutes (depending on their level of use).  Every 5-10 minutes... in each restroom... they have to clean the floor under the urinals, because of... SPLASH.  Their urinal dilemma is very typical.  Their story illustrates just how far a facility must go to combat the ills of the modern state-of-the-art urinal.  Even the best urinals splash.  If one did not, facilities like the Wynn Resort would use them.   

What’s more?  Ask any interior designer who has had the pleasure of designing a restroom for an upscale establishment and they will tell you; they hate urinals.  First, they virtually all look alike and they only come in two colors: white and black.  Second, they are disgusting.... they all splash back. 

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  1. Improve Hygiene

  2. Reduce Splash 75%

  3. Reduce Energy Consumption

  4. Save Money

  5. Transform Urinal Aesthetics

  6. Eliminate Odors

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The Urinal Cover is designed to make restrooms cleaner, safer and more comfortable to use.  Testing shows the optimal width of the front aperture, with respect to a man approaching and using the urinal, is 5 to 6 inches.  At this width, the front aperture is wide enough to allow for comfortable use while maximizing splash protection.  What’s more, because molds for our covers are so economical to manufacture, our urinal covers may be custom designed to accommodate any size or shape of urinal, aperture, external design, etc.  Taller, wider, more rounded or more angular, more organic or more traditional, our urinal covers are easily customizable to suit any situation. 

One of our greatest satisfactions in designing urinal covers comes from helping those with spinal cord injuries to have a more pleasant restroom experience.  People with crutches or wheelchairs find urinals even more offensive, because urinals are more “in their faces” and by necessity are a more hands-on experience.  Urinal Covers offer a much more hygienic and pleasant experience when emptying a urostomy bag or urinating, because the external surface is cleaner and the cover is a protective barrier between the user and the filthy bowl as well as a hood to better contain odors and splash.  

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Save $250 - $700 per urinal...every year...with a Urinal Cover and the optional Ventilation System. 

TWO issues are at odds regarding restroom odors:1)ENERGY CONSERVATION, and 2)  VENTILATION. The more foul air exhausted the more energy that is consumed to heat/cool air to replace it.  From climate change, to facility lifetime operating costs, energy conservation is increasingly important. Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) is one of the largest energy consumers. 

Urinal Covers offer a significant competitive advantage for both: FRESH AIR and ENERGY CONSERVATION.  The Laws of Fluid Dynamics dictate that it is most efficient to remove contaminants (urine odor) at their source, rather than to allow them to disperse and dilute throughout the entire volume of the room only to siphon them off, little by little, via a ceiling fan.  Further, urine odors emanate from below a man's waste, yet we place exhaust fans in the ceiling.  This inefficient practice dictates that offending odors and germs must pass our faces... noses and mouths... on their way to the ceiling. We must smell them. We must inhale them.  It is NOT scientifically prudent.  It does NOT promote a healthy or comfortable environment.

The solution: EXHAUST FOUL AIR AT THE SOURCE... at the urinal.  Because they function as "fume hoods," containing ODOR, SPLASH, VAPOR and MIST, the urinal cover is the most energy efficient location to vent air.

Urinal Cover Ventilation Systems offer two options: Low-Voltage Direct Current (DC) ventilation and common higher-voltage Alternating Current (AC).  Low-voltage DC ventilation is a quick, easy solution for remodels and retro-fits, comfortably satisfying building codes regarding electricity near plumbing fixtures. Low-Voltage DC systems may be more cost-effective for restrooms with only one or two urinals.  

Urinal covers with Optional Ventilation Systems incorporate a channel between the cover and the outer surface of the urinal to direct airflow from the within the urinal bowl to a conduit in the wall.  That conduit is then either vented through the common HVAC ducts already in place to operate ceiling fans, etc, or tapped directly into the existing Plumbing Vent Pipes already required by the International Building Code, for every urinal installed. Low-Voltage DC Ventilation Systems will exhaust five (5) to seven (7) cubic feet per minute of air through pipes that already exist for every urinal.  Alternatively, AC-powered ventilation systems, (for new construction and restrooms with three (3) or more urinals) will utilize HVAC ducts brought down the wall to the back of the urinal. The AC fan associated with this type of Optional Ventilation System could be placed anywhere, from outside the building completely (even on the roof), to within the walls or ceiling.