It is the first time anyone has used these words to describe a URINAL.

When I walk through a 5-Diamond resort with a custom-painted urinal cover in my hands, patrons & staff literally stop what they are doing as I walk by.  One after another they approach me saying,

"My goodness, it is GORGEOUS!"

"What an AMAZING piece of art!"

How SEXY!"

"WOW! It is simply BEAUTIFUL."

Urinal Covers commonly evoke powerful emotional responses.  Once people tell me how GORGEOUS or SEXY it is, they next learn WHAT it is, and the most frequent responses are... "Well, it is about time!" and “I wish I had thought of that!”.  Then, newcomers always have ideas about where the covers should be installed first (favorite restaurants, bars, sports venues and offices) and what kind of design they can imagine (fish tanks, football helmets, advertisements for beer, candy, etc).

The Urinal Covers shown have fit one of Kohler's urinals like a glove.  Please remember, it is only one of hundreds of shapes to come. 

Any Urinal! Any Shape! We can cover it!



We hold our breath, we grimace, we are often annoyed by the splashes on our feet and pants, and we are frequently disgusted by the urine we must stand in as we use public urinals.  Negative emotion is powerful with regard to modern man's urinal experience.  Only the fact that there are no better options... that nearly all urinals are created equal in terms of splash and odor... have kept us so quietly dissatisfied... for so, so long.   

Urinal Covers, for the first time, offer an opportunity to replace an ugly, repulsive open bowl, with a sublime piece of art. Perhaps the cover blends into the interior décor with a mahogany grain, or, perhaps it stands out like a Faberge Egg or a hotrod ablaze with fire. Is it formal, with rigid lines, or is your urinal cover flowing, organic and curvilinear?  

Is your Urinal Cover embellished with a high resolution photo-quality image, or the muted hues and subtle brush strokes of an impressionist painting?

 Urinal Covers are consummately functional, and far more than that, they are... pure opportunity for complete freedom of interior design... freedom to customize a fixture like never before... in terms of color, texture and three-dimensional form.