Urinal Covers have a captive audience.  Studies indicate that the American male urinates, on average, 7 times each day.  That translates to 2,555 times each year.  Some of those times, he is standing at a urinal.  And, for the brief moments while he is there... Urinal Covers will capture his attention. Inevitably, someone will put their logo, their brand name, their advertising on Urinal Covers.  

In all of the discussion of how Urinal Covers will reduce splash, improve hygiene, reduce odors, improve interior design, etc, it is important to note that yet another significant function of Urinal Covers may have little to do with improving the restroom experience for men.  Even if they had no other function, our urinal covers would still be advertising and marketing in restrooms.  There is no limit to the number of graphic designs that they may assume, and their low cost to manufacture and maintain place them well within the cost/benefit goals of modern commercial advertising.  

Beer, liquor, wine, energy drinks, soft drinks... beverages of any kind are obvious clients.  So too are hotel and restaurant chains, major corporations and sports teams.  Religious groups, non-profits and other special interest groups may be less obvious, but each may target very specific audiences as one takes a deeper look at the places where their target market eats, socializes and works.  Urinal covers in hospitals may advertise drugs to doctors and patients, while urinal covers at your favorite restaurant may advertise a specific beverage or even a particular automobile.  A brand new breed of advertising space... is another useful function of our urinal covers.